Ab Belt Review

Ab belts work by making use of electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology, which aims at stimulating the muscles in order to burn extra fat and build muscles. The best feature about these is that all you need to do is to put the ab belt on. There are no exercise regimes to be followed and you may be able to carry on with your normal day to day work while the Ab belt does its job. Ab belts aim to provide something extra and it is this difference that has made it so popular. Of course, it always helps to eat right. No age limit exists for the users of ab belts as it has been designed to suit the needs of the people of all ages.

Designed for convenience to the owners, these ab belts cannot be compared to other exercise equipment commercially available in the market. Major reason behind this lies in the fact that the others require you to physically work out with them – a concept that is used in all gyms. On the contrary, an ab belt works by contracting and releasing the abdominal muscles itself without any effort being put in.

Different manufacturers have come up with their own Ab Belts with distinct characteristics. They differ in performance and choosing the correct one for the right purpose becomes important. The following are some of the ab belts available in the market.

Slendertone Flex: Slendertone Flex is the predecessor of the Flex Belt which means that it does not contain some of the features present in it. This ab belt was designed keeping the general waist size of the people in mind and hence is nonadjustable. It comes at a cheaper price and hence is suited for those who have budget concerns but still want to adorn a fit body. Performance wise, it is effective and efficient for those who are thinking about ab belts for the first time.

Flex Belt: As mentioned above, this is the successor of Slendertone Flex and is the most advanced of all the ab belts. People who have used this version have reported a better result which adds another feather to its cap. Priced at a value $50 higher, this is the best buy for anyone who is looking for a long term investment in body fitness. This ab belt comes with all the necessary equipment necessary to assist the user for a perfect experience and performance.

Contour Abs: Another good ab belt. However, this one costs more and there aren’t any 3rd party studies that verify its effectiveness. The remote for this one is pretty large compared to the remote for the Flex belt. Given an option, the other ab belts would be better options; however, the Contour Abs Belt is not a bad choice for those who want to use it.
Ab belts are good option for anyone who has a hectic schedule and cannot take out enough time to visit a gym. It can provide the required shape to the body, but always remember to buy the right kind and do not compromise on quality.

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