Review: Contour Abs vs. Flex Belt

Ab toning belts like the Contour Abs are a very popular way of keeping your abs in shape without doing thousands of crunches or sit-ups.
While earlier versions of ab belts were not always that effective, the latest versions of Electronic Muscle Stimulation devices have been cleared by the FDA for firming, strengthening and toning the ab muscles.

What is the best ab belt? The Flex Belt or the Contour Abs? Does the Contour Abs really work?

We put both to the test side by side in a direct comparison to show you which has the highest quality and the best features.
The Contour Belt has to be the perfect choice after all those great looking TV infomercials, right? Before you buy an ab belt better read on and find out which is the best!

The Flex Belt The Contour Abs
Are the claimed results backed up with scientifically proven clinical trials and research? Yes, read more here No
Rechargeable battery? Yes, Flex Belt has a rechargeable power pack No, needs 4 x AAA size batteries
Can I order from outside the USA? Yes, Flex Belt ships worldwide No, Contour Abs ships only inside the USA
Is it FDA cleared? Yes Yes
How long is the warranty? 2 Years 1 Year
Money back? 60 days 30 days
Bonus or free gifts? Yes, a free 1 year subscription to Fitness or Maxim magazine worth $50+ Yes, DVD exercise guide – unknown value
Endorsements from sports stars? Yes, hall of famer Jerry Rice among others No
How much does it cost? $199.99 $199.80 + $14.95 ‘trial fee’
Where to buy?

If you take your health seriously then I it’s obvious from the comparison table, that the Flex Belt should be your choice given the benefits in quality and features.
The Contour Abs is also a good product, and it’s very popular due to the TV commercials but it feels to be of lesser quality and poor value for money compared to the Flex Belt. There are also some complaints on the internet about the Contour belt, with reports of slow shipping times and poor customer service.

Overall, we recommend the Flex Belt! Visit the official Flex Belt site and read the interesting results of their third party clinical trials.

Please find below the detailed ab belt reviews:

Contour Abs Review

Contour Abs (a.k.a. Ab Contour, Contour belt or Contour Core Sculpting System) is available on a ‘free trial’ for $14.95, plus four monthly recurring payments of $49.95, but doesn’t offer the performance or ease of operation and quality of construction of the Flexbelt.
Since the price is nearly the same as the Flex Belt, the Flexbelt is obviously much better value for your money than the Contour Abs. Check out the comparison table above to see how the features compare. There is only a 1 year warranty and only a 30 day money back guarantee offered, which is of slight concern given that this ab belt is the same price as the Flexbelt.

Flex Belt Review

The Flexbelt is the most up to date ab toning belt you can buy. It’s also known as Slendertone System Abs because it’s officially the next generation of the Slendertone Flex. Check out the video to see learn more about the Flex Belt:

For $199.99, you get the Flexbelt abdominal toning belt, the rechargeable battery pack, three gel pads, an extension for larger waists, a carrying case and a user’s manual.

The Flexbelt offers a full 60-day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty – this alone shows that the manufacturer is very confident in their product, which is always a good sign.

What’s your take on this two ab belts? Please share your experience and opinion in the comments section below!

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4 Responses to “Review: Contour Abs vs. Flex Belt”

  1. van flemming says:

    hi my sister ordered the flex belt so maybe it will help my father with his weight the doctor said since he has a pace maker & defibrillator he needed to lose weight i need more info on the contour belt i dont know how it will effect him my sister told me she had ordered one with overnight shipping i havent had time to check it out because i work behind a portable tv camera for warner brothers and cnn news so please let me know because she will record the results to broadcast in a news report on consumer products for all news stations in the country and world wide thanks

  2. Rastaman says:

    Hello, I want to buy an ab belt but am afraid it won’t work. I’m curious to know what the sensation feels like when the ab belt is on and which ab belt did you buy? I researched the Flex ab belt and it was FDA approved so I’m just wondering. But there are also positive Contour abs reviews out there…
    How long did you use it? What did it feel like and are you doing any additional cardio? Thanks

  3. Felix says:

    My flexbelt arrived yesterday! After reading many ab contour belt reviews and flexbelt reviews I finally bought the flexbelt and I’m already loving it! Definitely works my abs and it even hurts a bit :D

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